mobile phones and money are gone

mobile phones and money are gone

On 12 October, 12 to 12.50 hours, two mobile phones and cash were stolen from the changing room of the school boys operating in Kaunas Vytautas Avenue. Video surveillance cameras captured a man who might have relevant information for the investigation. A pre-trial investigation of theft is carried out at the Kaunas City Center Police Commissariat of Kaunas County Chief Police Commissariat.

According to scienedaily, researchers from the University of South Australia and the Victoria Zoo have found a link between the accumulation of mobile phones and the destruction of Grauer’s gorillas. These two organizations are implementing a mobile phone recycling program in the zoo. The campaign has been running for six years now. During the program, Victorian zoo keepers and the community of the area were introduced to the importance of recycling phones – the special metals that are used in their production are recycled by mobile phones.

The same metals are extracted in the eastern part of Congo, where not only the destruction of the natural habitats of gorillas, but also military conflicts and human rights violations. Recycling benefits not only gorillas Gorilla expert Carla Litchfield said that processing of more mobile phones , it is possible to save the habitat of gorillas, which currently mined minerals needed to manufacture mobile devices.

Recycling 30-40 mobile phones can recover a gram of gold . Phone sales are growing rapidly, some new phones are growing in the amount of gold they need, and natural gold can be exhausted already in 2030, ”says Litchfield. The scientist points out that many mobile phones do not work because of the lack of electronic waste collection points, the composition of the metals used in telephones is not known precisely, and some people fear that the old data will get into the hands of a stranger in some way – these causes the accumulation of old mobile devices. .

Likewise, if people throw out old mobile devices, they usually go to landfills with household waste rather than return to the market economy. Thousands of tons of unprocessed metals accumulate It is estimated that by 2035 more than 8000 tons of precious metals will accumulate in Germany , which will remain untreated on mobile phones. In China, about 20 tons of gold, 15 tons of silver and about 3 tons of copper from untreated mobile devices are likely to be accumulated by 2025. Now take a look at how these features of mobilieji telefonai.

Recent calculations by Grauer gorillas show a dramatic downturn, with fewer than 4,000 in their natural environment, and their breed is said to be critically endangered. Even in 2009 the famous primatologist dr. Jane Goodall has launched a national mobile phone recycling campaign at Melbourne Zoo, where visitors were informed about the link between miners in the DRC and the destruction of gorillas. In 2014, zoo visitors in Victoria gave over 115,000 old mobile phones for recycling through a social campaign.

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