Note this! This Netflix 5 Series Must Be Enter Your Movie List

Note this! This Netflix 5 Series Must Be Enter Your Movie List


For you who really like watching movies, aka movie enthusiasts, surely you are already familiar with digital platforms called Netflix. This American-originated platform is famous for its signature series and high-quality films. Well, for you movie enthusiast, so it doesn’t freak out, try watching a number of series produced by Netflix and certainly having a high rating below.

Black Mirror is one of the Netflix sci-fi series. This serial tells about how technology for modern society also has a bad impact on humanity. Each episode has casts and even different backgrounds. Because it has an interesting storyline where even in season 4 each audience can determine its own plot, this one series gets a lot of praise. Have you watched it yet?

For those of you who love rock music you must be familiar with the name Gerard Way? The former My Chemical Romance vocalist is the author of The Umbrella Academy comic, which was adapted into a TV series by Netflix. The series tells about 43 babies born mysteriously. 7 of them were adopted and then prepared to become superheroes who will save humanity at the end of the world. For those of you who like superhero films, are you interested in watching them?

Finally, for those of you who like the Korean TV series, try watching this one Netflix series. Tells the story of Crown Prince Yi-Chang who was urged to find out because of the spread of a zombie outbreak that attacked his kingdom. Wow, how come the Kingdom of Korea is attacked by Zombies? You haven’t missed it yet if you want to watch a marathon, because this series just arrived in season 2. Watch it!

For those of you who like watching movies or serials, you don’t only rely on cinemas or laptops as a means to watch movies. So much like the movie, so that you can still watch anywhere, the smartphone must be an item that you can always rely on. But honestly, surely you often feel dissatisfied if the smartphone you use can’t support the things you like.

Just relax, you can now watch movies on your smartphone happily. The problem is that Vivo V15 just released its latest smartphone with several innovations that other smartphones don’t have. For you like watching movies on your smartphone, you have a full screen Vivo V15 with Ultimate All Screen that comes without a notch and a cinematic 6.53 inch screen experience with a screen-to-body ratio of even up to 90.95%. Not only that, this one smartphone screen is also coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which is equipped with Adaptive Brightness and can create a visual experience while watching to stay clear whenever and wherever.

Who doesn’t want to watch serials on a smartphone like this? You don’t need to wait any longer, because you can get this one smartphone directly in all official Vivo outlets in Indonesia. Don’t have time to go to the online store? Relax, you can also get this smartphone in the Official online store such as Akulaku, Blibli, JD.ID, Lazada, Shopee, and Tokopedia.Now take a look at how these features of nonton movie.

This Vivo V15 which is priced at Rp.4,399,000 also offers many promos, such as Hot Selling Day, such as an 18-month warranty, gifts in the form of Bluetooth Earphones to Prepaid Telkomsel bundling packages starting at Rp45,000 with a quota of 11GB. Interesting right? When to buy a smartphone, but can there be a lot of prizes?

Well, that was a number of Netflix TV series that you really have to watch so that it doesn’t freak out. So, which film do you want to watch?

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